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A Review of the Amigo Health Income Opportunity

Amigo Health Labs, Inc. is a company partnered with supplement manufacturers that specializes in providing natural supplements for the healthcare industry. Using their own manufacturer, the company maintains a consistent product and believes in stern Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The Amigo Health mission is to provide all natural, superior quality, and "life-changing" supplements to its customers by employing distributors to sell their products on behalf of the company.

Amigo Health offers a variety of health supplements. Their signature product, Amigo Juice contains the natural ingredients, acai berry, mangosteen, and goji berry. This is a powdered drink mix that requires water to activate the health benefits found in the three fruits. Amigo Cleanse is a supplement designed to help detoxify the colon.

Amigo Health's Trim Weight Loss Shakes are rich in protein and only 100 calories. They come in chocolate and vanilla flavors. Their Thermogenic Weight Loss Capsules contain 20 active ingredients which help increase metabolism, boost energy, decreases appetite, blocks sugar, and improves stamina. Alternatives to Amigo Juice are available in capsules and whole foods.

Amigo Health Labs also has a large selection of nutrition supplements. These include MultiZyme Enzymes, ProBiotic, Joint Care, Goji Berry, Hoodia Gordonii, Mind Matrix, Ladies EnhanceHer, Blue Green Algae, Mangosteen, NeuroCare, Acai Berry, Pro IGF-1, Cholesterol Control, NONI, Whole Food Vitamin, rHGH Spray, and Mega Antioxidant Formula.

There are many income opportunities through commissions with Amigo Health. As a representative (Rep), members receive a free website with their preferred sub domain. A Rep may choose from wholesale prices or monthly auto-ship prices. In order to receive commissions, a valid Social Security number or Tax ID must be provided to the company.

A 1 Star Director with Amigo Health is a Rep who has personally sponsored one Rep that makes a $49.95 minimum order monthly. One Associate also must be signed up to receive their own monthly $49.95 minimum order. As a 1 Star Director you are qualified to receive 9% commissions on level one.

A 2 Star Director is a Rep who has personally sponsored two Reps meeting the monthly minimum order requirement. One Associate must also meet the minimum as well. As a 2 Star Director you are qualified to earn 9% commissions on levels one and two.

A 3 Star Director is a Rep who has personally sponsored three Reps meeting the monthly $49.95 minimum. One Director must also be signed up that meets their minimum monthly order requirement. As a 3 Star Director you are qualified to receive 9% commissions on levels one, two, three and 3% on levels four through nine.

To become an Executive with Amigo Health, a Rep must sponsor six Reps meeting the monthly $49.95 quota. Executives have to be signed up for their own monthly order as well. As an Executive you are qualified to earn 9% commissions on levels one through six and 3% on levels seven through nine.

A Rep becomes Presidential as soon as they have sponsored nine Reps meeting the $49.95 minimum monthly order. A Presidential has to also meet the monthly requirement order. As a Presidential member you will receive 9% commissions on all nine levels.