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General Health Problems - Blind Faith and Health Misconceptions

Today's understanding of health revolves around the "fact" that the human body is born with problems and deficiencies. It is because of these problems that people get sick as they grow. It is also generally accepted that this is a problem that will continue to affect people for the rest of their lives.

Lets say you go to the Doctor when you are sick and he tells you your sickness or illness is floating around and you caught it. He also tells you that it is normal to get sick because your immune system will eventually kill the pathogen invading your body and will make become immune to it in the future.

Well that sounds like a "And They Lived Happily Ever After" ending but consider this. Pathogens which are bacteria's that cause sickness and disease evolve time after time and each time they evolve like the common cold, people have to face an upgraded version of the same cold.

It doesn't make sense that it is "natural to get sick" because if the problem you face continues to evolve and you still get sick what's the point of continuing this endless cycle? Your immune system will get stronger but you will still get sick year after year by another evolved disease.

Let me bring you back to the theory that people are born with problems and deficiencies. It is because we lack something in our organism that we are weaker and more susceptible to diseases. But how is it possible that people are born with this problem?

I believe this is because this day in age we try and substitute our deficiencies with drugs and processed foods that we believe are healthy and will solve our problems. Because we are embedded with theory that our body is imperfect and needs drugs, we believe that this is normal. But this is a misconception.


The same drugs and foods we eat are in fact the cause of our health problems! Drugs do not correctly substitute what our body CRAVES and processed foods lack nutritional value and poison our body because they are full of chemicals and growth hormones which are put into them to preserve them longer in order to meet the growing population demand (The longer goods last the less of them companies have to make, and it is because of this that they are injected with chemicals to preserve their state that alter them and make them unhealthy).

Lets not disregard the fact that this lifestyle has been going on for decades since drugs invaded our lives which brings me to point out that the past generations who began this lifestyle passed it on to the next generation which would genetically be unhealthy at birth due to their parents consumption of unhealthy products before them.

Perhaps that is where the theory of people being born unhealthy originated from.

Consuming these products has become so "normal" that mass quantities of people aren't even noticing how they are poisoning themselves. It is difficult for us to acknowledge this fact because we just don't notice this around us. This is because our bodies have an uncanny ability to heal and adapt to new changes. But if we continue to poison it with these products, then sooner of later the body will no longer be able to take it and will breakdown.

Most drugs on the market do not work. In fact a government study found that only 30% of drugs on the market today do actually work. What about the other 70%?

Its outrageous at how many drugs are being advertised today and how the narrator of and ad mentions 10 different side effects quietly. Have you ever seen a drug ad? Have you seen the deadly number of side effects a drug has?

Drugs mention side effects such as heart problems, high cholesterol, kidney failure, and much more. Next time you see a drug ad listen carefully to what they are saying. When the narrator explains how the drug works you will most likely hear something like:

Treats the causes

Treats the symptoms

So it does nothing but baby-sits your health problem. And it will still continue to occur because it isn't being dealt with correctly. Also read drug labels and you will see "Temporarily reduces symptoms". Look carefully and you will see that they basically don't do anything. Oh and let's not forget the nasty side effects.

So what basically happens? You take a drug hoping that it will solve your problems and in the process you encounter many more health problems not to mention the damage they cause your kidney when ingested. People we are being led to believe that taking drugs is a trend and that everyone does it.

And once we feel the side effects we assume its due to natural causes when in fact the drugs are to blame. We also believe that drugs are beneficial for us backed up by claims from Doctors who are paid to say that they work.

Did you know many decades ago, Doctors were actually paid to say Cigarette smoking was good for you? Do not think this trend has died with cigarettes? Doctors are being paid a lot of money to say something works, and for what reason?

To SELL. Selling a product is primary for companies like pharmaceuticals and the quality of the product is secondary.

Do you remember how many people Vioxx killed? And this was a drug that was allowed to sell by the FDA. Then after it killed a quarter of a million people it was finally taken off the market. Here is my question.

Didn't the FDA, or the drug companies know this would happen? Didn't tests confirm a risk for heart attacks? OF COURSE THEY DID but they sold it anyway to make money.

This still continues to happen. Do you honestly believe the drugs advertised are actually worth it? Have you ever seen a commercial for "Restless leg syndrome?". How ridiculous does that sound? Now they are making up the most farfetched conditions just to make a drug and sell it, and all at your expense since once again drugs have side effects.

I used to feel like a lab rat when I would go to my doctor and ask him what my problem was. He would often give me complex answers and tell me to take a drug. These drugs never worked for me. Not to mention the fact that some of these drugs I'd never even heard off which made think like I they were being tested.

The whole procedure of going to the doctor sounded like "Ok well here is your problem! We don't know where it comes from. There isn't anything you can do about it. There isn't anything we want you to do about it so let us do our jobs, make money off you while you suffer. So take this drug and shut up".

If there is no explanation for a health problem how come there are drugs already being made to make money off diseases and conditions? Well its simple many drugs are being tested and sold before they can pass the proper procedures of safety and that is why again I say I feel like a lab rat.

My friend's father was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. He felt optimistic because he had high hopes for the health system in the United States. When he came home from his visit with the Doctor he suddenly felt hopeless. I asked my friend what the Doctor said and he told me that the Doctor reviewed a list of procedures his father would have to go through.

With ever procedure the Doctor explained what percentage of success there was and by the end of the entire session, my friend's father had lost hope. I asked him if he questioned the Doctor about any alternate routes (hinting at holistic health) and the father said yes but the Doctor interrupted him rudely and said there is no other way!

Isn't that just wonderful? You claim to look out for the health of your patients, claim that there is no cure for cancer, decide to run them through several experiments whilst making money off them and then the patient will eventually die since very few cases of chemotherapy actually work, not to mention their painful side effects.

So what ends up happening? The "doctor" recommends standard procedure for cancer. This is of course chemotherapy. With very few cases of success in this area what ends up happening is that the patient is put into a box (Meaning that he has no other say in the matter), is slowly dieing while he is being made money of, and then when they eventually die the doctors state that it was inevitable.

Isn't that sad? Its sad but its true and this is a trend that is continuing. And although I sound biased towards doctors, I am in fact not. There are many good doctors out there who truly want to help their patients. But the problem is that most of these doctors are schooled to think the same as well as suggesting the same procedures.

The reason I write all this is to give people a different outlook. Sometimes its necessary to step out of line and tell your Doctor "NO!". Sometimes its necessary to pursue different roads, and personally I recommend the uncommon ones such as natural health.

Times have changed the perception of a doctor being good, helpful, all knowing and kind that has been embedded into us from our early years passed from generation to generation has changed. There are many things happening now that completely twist that perception around and although it is happening all around us, many of us still have blind faith in doctors.

I wrote an article on "How to be your Own Doctor", and in it I mention how there is always a reason for your health problem. There is no such thing as "it just happens and there is nothing you can do about it". There is a reason and there is an answer. You can find it. And although I am not a huge fan of doctors it is sometimes necessary to see them to get their opinion on the matter.

If you are unsure about a health condition you have or are worried, it is always smart to see a doctor. HOWEVER it is also important to avoid a drug as well as an incorrect suggestion from the doctor. If you feel he may be trying to make money off you, stop seeing that doctor of get a second opinion. Consider holistic doctors but also be wary of their suggestions.

The health industry (at least in the US) is a private business and in every business profit is primary. Be careful.