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Health Rangers Mike Adams' Thoughts on Nutritional Cancer Cures and Best Products on the Market

In this article Mike Adams shares on nutritional cancer cures and the best products on the market. Mike Adams is known as the "Health Ranger." Mike cured himself of disease through nutrition and he is the founder and editor of Natural News.

Kevin:: Let's turn the tide. You spend a lot of time reviewing products. What are some of the best ones out there?

Mike: Well Healthforce, a company by Jameth Sheridan, those are some of the best products. I'm a big advocate of Sunfood, David Wolfe's company, and their product line. There are many, many superfood products on the market. There's Beaucoup superfood that I recommend.. There's Emerald balance. There's a company called Sprout Living that has a new Sproutein product. It's a protein made from sprouts. It's amazing. In fact I just got a sample of it last night and I just tasted it this morning in my smoothie. It's fantastic. If you go out and you actively try to find superfood products, it's very easy.

Kevin:: Right.

Mike: Go to any health food store. Look for the superfood products, get the ones that are really green, and that have berries in them. We live in a time of great abundance now. You can cure cancer now using stuff off the shelf at the store, literally, that's not an exaggeration at all.

There are books written about anti-cancer foods. Some of the most powerful anti-cancer nutrients are berries, resveratrol, turmeric, which is the root that's used to make curry, and I'll tell you a fact about that that's fascinating, chocolate is also anti-cancer, and the cruciferous vegetables. If you drink even one ounce of broccoli juice every day and you combine that with some green tea, some vitamin D, a little bit of zinc, some turmeric and black pepper, berries from time to time, you will never get cancer, ever, because it cannot grow in that environment.

The way that you get cancer is if you are vitamin D deficient for a long period of time, like during the winter when people aren't getting sunlight, or if they're using sunscreen products. And you're not bathing yourselves in the anti-cancer nutrients from cruciferous vegetables, you know onions, garlic, as well, in addition to cruciferous cauliflower, broccoli those kinds of things. That's how you get cancer. If you want to grow cancer in lab rats in the lab, the recipe's very simple.. Vitamin D deficiency, nutrient deficiency, processed food, chemicals in the food; you'll get cancer like that. If you want to reverse cancer, you just turn all that around, get lots of vitamin D, lots of nutrients, eliminate the toxic chemicals, the cancer's gone. This is not complicated; cancer is not complicated.

Kevin:: When you're looking at products, what are you looking for in the company? What are some of the criteria? Because you put your seal, the Natural News seal on things, what does it take to have that seal?

Mike: Well, I want you to know that that seal, we don't make money on the seal. We don't charge people. It's an award seal, like editors choice award, on certain products that we give that to. Well, I'm looking for a couple of things. Not only what's in the product itself, because I look very carefully at the ingredients but then I meet the founder of the company. And I'm looking for personal integrity. I'm looking for whether that person lives a natural health lifestyle. People like Jameth Sheridan, very healthy individual, really into healthy living. That counts a lot as far as I'm concerned.

Kevin:: Yeah.

Mike: Because I don't think that you can sell health products if you're an individual running a company who isn't healthy. Like there's... I'm at the trade shows all the time. And there's this one company that I'm not going to name, but they have these super-fruit juices. You know it says A├žai juice on the front and you look at the ingredients and it's 95% fructose and water.

Kevin:: Yeah.

Mike: There's a little bit of juice in it. You taste it and you're like, "What is this citric acid and water?" You can't even taste the fruit. And a lot of consumers don't know what these fruits are supposed to taste like. So they don't know if they're drinking the real thing. But the guy running that company is this like obese grumpy New Yorker with bad skin and smoking cigarettes outside the show. I'm not going to recommend that.

Kevin:: Yeah.

Mike: There are products on the market today that are junk. There are a lot of bad vitamins that I would not recommend. Mainstream brands, made with synthetic chemicals just like pharmaceuticals. But there's a lot of great stuff on the market as well. That's what I recommend on Natural News. So I do product recommendations on a regular basis, product reviews all the time, and I'm always trying to give people the latest and greatest products that are out there. And you know, you want real vitamins, North American Urban Spice.

Kevin:: Yeah.

Mike: Purely C. It's a food-based vitamin C product. They have a food-based vitamin E product. There's so many companies out there that have so many great products, if you just look, just spend a few minutes looking.